CRB checking the parents – How do you feel about it?

Making sure that children and vulnerable people are surrounded by trusted adults is paramount. CRB (DBS) tests were introduced in schools about 10 years ago to ensure that children are surrounded by trusted and responsible adults who can take good care of them.

But it has now become evident that CRB checks do not guarantee the children’s or any other vulnerable person’s safety and wellbeing.

One should only look back at some of last year’s headlines.  Abuse in care homes still takes place.  And teachers have inappropriate contact with their pupils (A Maths teacher running away with his underage student).

On top of that, I read in the Telegraph that schools require parents to undergo a CRB check for such simple things as escorting their children into the school building or watching them playing sports. According to this article, the continuing use of CRB checks was putting off many would-be volunteers. Quite understandably so…

What are your thoughts? Has the requirement for CRB checks gone a little too far? And has the police check put you off from volunteering at your local school?



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